Yearly Archives - 2009

ReStore Migrate from MS Exchange to Google Apps

ReStore Community Projects is a registered charity which recycles and reuses domestic furniture and appliances for the benefit of people in need. Having worked with Microsoft Exchange from a hosted service provider, ReStore was particularly excited by the potential costs savings and improvements to staff productivity by migrating to Google Apps. The whole migration was completed in a few days and went through without a single hitch. Read the comments on our Google Solutions Marketplace listing here:

Nightingales Retirement Care migrate to Google Apps

Since 1986, initially in Bromley, and then from 1989 in Reigate too, Nightingales have been providing retirement care to the elderly. In order to reduce costs and be more effective with email communication, Nightingales decided to migrate their email infrastructure to Google Apps. The objective was to remove the need to manage the on-site Microsoft Exchange server so that Nightingales can concentrate on providing quality care. A successful migration was completed for another satisfied Google Apps customer. Read the review [...]

The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) Conference

Zumzum eBilling solution for improved credit management Meet Anachron and zumzum at the ICM09, Cash is KING event on stand D3 Date: Tuesday 17th February 2009 Location: The ICM09 Conference, Cash is KING, The ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA One of the keys to the ICM convention’s successful formula, is packing so many different opportunities into the space of one day and icm09 promises more developments and exciting new solutions. The event attracts hundreds of credit management professionals from across the country, who [...]

Credit Summit 09 Event

Zumzum eBilling solution for faster cash collection Meet zumzum at Credit Today's Credit Summit, on stand 9 Date: Thursday 14th May 2009 from 12.00pm to 16.30pm Location: Grosvenor House Ballroom, Park Lane, London. It’s new, it’s innovative, it will be the industry event everyone is talking about; so make sure you’re involved! The Credit Summit will bring together the movers and shakers in the credit industry that so rarely make it to other networking events. A mix of live cooking stations, headed up by [...]

Anachron and zumzum win Business Stream contract for electronic billing portal.

Amsterdam, January 2009 – Anachron announced that Business Stream – a Scottish Water company, will be implementing a new electronic billing (eBilling) service based on the Anachron software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This will compliment the existing range of online customer tools Business Stream launched in 2008, designed to make life easier for its’ 96,000 water and waster water customers. “We place the customer at the heart of everything we do and we are continuing our drive to increase customer satisfaction by [...]

APSCO Quarterly Credit Control Forum

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is the UK’s leading professional recruitment industry body. Originally set up in 1999 as the Association of Technical Staffing Companies (ATSCo) the recent change of name reflects the expanded remit and membership of the association to include organisations engaged in the acquisition of business professionals on behalf of clients, either on a permanent or flexible basis. This forum provides a confidential opportunity to discuss issues relating to poor payment and credit control. [...]

London Revenues Group Meeting, August 09

Zumzum presents eBilling solution for Council Tax The London Revenues Group is a forum attended by all the Revenues and Benefits managers of all the London Councils. The quarterly meeting in August 09 is at the Westminster Council building. Attendance is strictly by invitation. All councils are looking at ways to improve their services, reduce operational costs and embrace the internet to communicate better with citizens and businesses. Zumzum presented the Council eBilling solution after being sponsored by one of the London [...]