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Zumzum presents Google Apps for Education to Scoltand’s Colleges ICT CoP Annual Conference

The Scotland's Colleges ICT Community of Practice represents staff who have a responsibility for ICT systems in Scotland's 43 colleges. It seeks to capitalise on the expertise present within Scotland's colleges for the benefit of the whole sector. Its key purpose is to assist members to make an impact on college life. Steering group meetings plan and organise the agenda for the CoP events. The Scotland's Colleges ICT Community of Practice Annual Conference was held on Tuesday 23rd March 2010 [...]

ICMM migrate from MS Exchange to Google Apps

About ICMM ICMM is a CEO-led industry group that addresses key priorities and emerging issues within the sector. It seeks to play a leading role by promoting good practice and improved performance internationally and across different commodities. ICMM provides a platform for industry and other key stakeholders to share challenges and develop solutions based on sound science and the principles of sustainable development. Its vision is for a respected mining and metals industry that is widely recognized as essential for society [...]