Monthly Archives - September 2010

Google Apps Docs to use SSL capability

Starting on October 21, 2010, Google will begin using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to enforce data encryption on Google Docs for all Google Apps customers. It may take a few weeks after October 21 for you to see this change reflected in your accounts. SSL is commonly used to secure transactions over the Internet, and using it will keep your data encrypted as it travels between your web browser and Google servers. Once Google starts enforcing SSL connections, [...]

Number 1 Reviewed UK Service In Google Apps Marketplace

Today we are pleased to announce that Zumzum has achieved a significant milestone in our Google Apps Setup Service for customer satisfaction. We are able to display more customer reviews than any other UK Google Apps Authorised Reseller in the Google Apps Marketplace. We continue to receive a 5 Star rating from our clients who have enjoyed our speedy and easy Google Apps Setup Service. Thank you to each and every one of our clients that have contributed to this [...]