Monthly Archives - January 2011

Google Apps Cloud Connect – First Impressions.

It was wonderful to get our hands on the much anticipated "Google Cloud Connect" last week, which will allow Microsoft Office users to take advantage of the Google Apps Cloud for Collaboration. Having reviewed the presentations and the provided demonstration, the installation of Google Apps Cloud Connect took only a few moments. Once installed the plugin sits in the MS Application as a toolbar and is super-easy to sync to files to Google Docs. All seems to work [...]

Four New Educational Customers on Google Apps

December was a very successful month as four new educational customers migrated to Google Apps for Education with the help of Zumzum. Schools, colleges and universities are turning to Google Apps for Education to help reduce IT costs, simplify the IT over-head and workflow as well as gain the advantages of innovative technology in the classroom. View this presentation to see the full benefits of why so many educational establishments are choosing Google Apps for Education.