Monthly Archives - July 2011

Cloudforce Manchester

Salesforce continues to expand it's capabilities, customer base and portfolio of solutions. Attending Cloudforce Manchester was an ideal opportunity to learn more about the future direction of CRM or enterprises being more social. Besides, it was great to see the Salesforce team again and network with fellow partners, users and of course prospects. Zumzum continues to grow it's service offerings around Salesforce and we have some incredibly exciting plans in this area so stay tuned for more details to come. [...]

Quick look Office 365 V Google Apps

Today being the launch of Microsoft Office 365, we thought we would have a nose around and see what the competition is making such a fuss about. Initial impressions are that the Microsoft online suite is far less functional than the offline versions of MS Office/Outlook, let alone compete with the elegance of Google Apps in the browser. The disappointment started when not all the functions performed correctly in the Google Chrome Browser of choice (of course) and even changing [...]