Monthly Archives - August 2011

Google Apps Mail Merge with Google Docs

Google Docs has been growing in stature with is, particularly as it is releasing features on a regular basis. One quite important feature request has been the ability to complete a mail merge with Google Docs. In the past, this has been the realm of power users and Microsoft Office, however, not any longer. By combining the power of Google Apps Script and Google Docs your able to easily merge variable data into your Google Document to personalise your letters [...]

Ian McCall of Dashboard Accounting, Loyal Zumzum Customer Discusses Why Accountants Choose Google Apps Over Excel

This is a great contribution to this article by Ian McCall, who has implemented an IT strategy to migrate to a server-less environment by adopting Cloud based computing for the various businesses he is involved in. On a real, day to day, practical level Ian is demonstrating how to use Cloud based technology to improve user productivity, reduce IT costs and collaborate in new ways with employees, suppliers and customers. We love working in real-time with Ian in spreadsheets as [...]

Zumzum Announces Google Apps Seminar at Google Offices London

Today we are pleased to announce a new event at the new Google Offices in London, Thursday 15th September 2011 at 9.00am. As co-hosts of this event we are inviting organisations that are new to Google Apps to learn about the Google Mission for the enterprise and see the Google Apps suite in action. The event is specifically targeted at small to medium businesses (SMBs) that are exploring the idea of migrating email and collaboration tools to the cloud. Presentations [...]

Welcome to our new web site

Today we began the beta test of our new web site. A number of notable features have been added to the web site to demonstrate the power of Google Sites as a public facing web site. Notice the slide show we have on the home page, the custom Google Theme created to reflect our corporate branding and the live twitter gadget on our home page, not to mention the live chat functions all over our web site. [...]