Monthly Archives - October 2013

Make free phone calls to the USA and Canada from Google Hangouts for iOS

With the new update announced to the Google Hangout app for iOS, it's so easy to make calls for free to the USA that paying for phone calls should be a thing of the past. Once you have updated to the latest version of the iOS  app on your device, you will see a message at the top letting you know you can call friends.   Notice the phone icon that has appeared in the top right hand corner of the app. [...]

Google Apps Webinar – “Work in the Future”

Today was a great day for Google Apps, with yet another significant win with Whirlpool, migrating 68,000 employees to Google Apps and news that one third of all colleges and universities in the UK are using Google Apps.  What that means for us is that the worlds most innovative companies are adopting cloud technology to be more customer/consumer focused and the next generation of employees will expect cloud technology in the workplace, specifically Google Apps for Business. You too can [...]