London Revenues Group Meeting, August 09

Zumzum presents eBilling solution for Council Tax The London Revenues Group is a forum attended by all the Revenues and Benefits managers of all the London Councils. The quarterly meeting in August 09 is at the Westminster Council building. Attendance is strictly by invitation. All councils are looking at ways to improve their services, reduce operational costs and embrace the internet to communicate better with citizens and businesses. Zumzum presented the Council eBilling solution after being sponsored by one of the London [...]

APSCO Quarterly Credit Control Forum

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is the UK’s leading professional recruitment industry body. Originally set up in 1999 as the Association of Technical Staffing Companies (ATSCo) the recent change of name reflects the expanded remit and membership of the association to include organisations engaged in the acquisition of business professionals on behalf of clients, either on a permanent or flexible basis. This forum provides a confidential opportunity to discuss issues relating to poor payment and credit control. [...]

Anachron and zumzum win Business Stream contract for electronic billing portal.

Amsterdam, January 2009 – Anachron announced that Business Stream – a Scottish Water company, will be implementing a new electronic billing (eBilling) service based on the Anachron software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This will compliment the existing range of online customer tools Business Stream launched in 2008, designed to make life easier for its’ 96,000 water and waster water customers. “We place the customer at the heart of everything we do and we are continuing our drive to increase customer satisfaction by [...]

Credit Summit 09 Event

Zumzum eBilling solution for faster cash collection Meet zumzum at Credit Today's Credit Summit, on stand 9 Date: Thursday 14th May 2009 from 12.00pm to 16.30pm Location: Grosvenor House Ballroom, Park Lane, London. It’s new, it’s innovative, it will be the industry event everyone is talking about; so make sure you’re involved! The Credit Summit will bring together the movers and shakers in the credit industry that so rarely make it to other networking events. A mix of live cooking stations, headed up by [...]

The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) Conference

Zumzum eBilling solution for improved credit management Meet Anachron and zumzum at the ICM09, Cash is KING event on stand D3 Date: Tuesday 17th February 2009 Location: The ICM09 Conference, Cash is KING, The ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA One of the keys to the ICM convention’s successful formula, is packing so many different opportunities into the space of one day and icm09 promises more developments and exciting new solutions. The event attracts hundreds of credit management professionals from across the country, who [...]

Nightingales Retirement Care migrate to Google Apps

Since 1986, initially in Bromley, and then from 1989 in Reigate too, Nightingales have been providing retirement care to the elderly. In order to reduce costs and be more effective with email communication, Nightingales decided to migrate their email infrastructure to Google Apps. The objective was to remove the need to manage the on-site Microsoft Exchange server so that Nightingales can concentrate on providing quality care. A successful migration was completed for another satisfied Google Apps customer. Read the review [...]

ReStore Migrate from MS Exchange to Google Apps

ReStore Community Projects is a registered charity which recycles and reuses domestic furniture and appliances for the benefit of people in need. Having worked with Microsoft Exchange from a hosted service provider, ReStore was particularly excited by the potential costs savings and improvements to staff productivity by migrating to Google Apps. The whole migration was completed in a few days and went through without a single hitch. Read the comments on our Google Solutions Marketplace listing here:

ren-new Switzerland delighted with Zumzum Google Apps Support

Having implemented a new corporate web site ren-new suffered from a complete failure in the corproate email system. Not only was communications being effected, staff productivity was being destroyed and of course the ren-new brand was being impacted. Once ren-new contacted Zumzum, the issues were identifed and resolved in a speedy and efficient manner. All corporate email communications were restored and users confidence and efficiency increased again. Managing Partner, Caroline Rennie was delighted by the service and you [...]

ICMM migrate from MS Exchange to Google Apps

About ICMM ICMM is a CEO-led industry group that addresses key priorities and emerging issues within the sector. It seeks to play a leading role by promoting good practice and improved performance internationally and across different commodities. ICMM provides a platform for industry and other key stakeholders to share challenges and develop solutions based on sound science and the principles of sustainable development. Its vision is for a respected mining and metals industry that is widely recognized as essential for society [...]

Zumzum presents Google Apps for Education to Scoltand’s Colleges ICT CoP Annual Conference

The Scotland's Colleges ICT Community of Practice represents staff who have a responsibility for ICT systems in Scotland's 43 colleges. It seeks to capitalise on the expertise present within Scotland's colleges for the benefit of the whole sector. Its key purpose is to assist members to make an impact on college life. Steering group meetings plan and organise the agenda for the CoP events. The Scotland's Colleges ICT Community of Practice Annual Conference was held on Tuesday 23rd March 2010 [...]

The 33 London Boroughs Revenues Departments Collaborate on Revenue Collection With New Internet Portal Powered by Google Sites

The London Revenues Group promotes and shares best practice to maximise revenue collections and customer service, with a new secure members portal, with an online document library, built and hosted on Google Sites. London, April 1, 2010 -- The London Revenues Group (LRG) has launched a new secure, private members only web site to easily and quickly share information with members located at all 33 London Boroughs Revenues Departments. The LRG promotes and shares best practices to [...]

Great Service, dont even think of trying setup yourself…..use these guys…you’ll be glad you did !

It didn't take me long to realize that trying to set up apps myself was too complicated.... so having found Zumzum, I have been very impressed with his speed and quality of service. Bash was there to help me over the weekend setting up and migrating data from outlook..and showing me the ropes in apps... There is so much to get your head around, you are better off getting the EXPERTS to do it....! 100 % recommend you to [...]

New Partnership For Hosted BES for Google Apps

If your a Blackberry user you may wish to consider the new hosted Google Apps connector for Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Activation is super-quick and easy and avoids you having to purchase on-site hardware and software to integrate your Blackberry devices to Google Apps. You can be up and running with a fully hosted BES server in a matter of hours and a fraction of the cost. Learn about our partner ExchangeMyMail on our partners page:

Google Apps Service Review

"Astounding client service Quite frankly I didn't think service like this existed anymore, personal, professional, constantly going the extra mile. I cannot recommend ZumZum highly enough, completely took the weight off my shoulders for our migration to Google Apps." Read all our reviews on the Google Apps Marketplace

Fanatical about Google Apps Services

Incredible Customer Service ZumZum provide an incredibly high level of customer service which is sadly so rarely demonstrated by companies today. ZumZum always go the extra mile, Bash was always happy to explain features and functions to us, always willing to talk us through additional settings and methods of performing tasks and the value for money was excellent. Bash was very generous with his time in pre-sales, set up was very fast and hassle free, during migration Bash was always happy to [...]

Google Apps Replaces Exchange at Ascend Worldwide

Zumzum are delighted to welcome Ascend Worldwide to Google Apps. Steve Davies, Service Delivery Manager wrote: "Following the excellent presentations delivered by Bash of ZumZum. The decision was made to switch from Exchange to Google Apps. Throughout the process ZumZum has been faultless. Assisting us with the migration path, the support and allowing us to push the envelope of Cloud Computing. If you're looking for a provider to help you with the migration, look no further than ZumZum. " About [...]

Number 1 Reviewed UK Service In Google Apps Marketplace

Today we are pleased to announce that Zumzum has achieved a significant milestone in our Google Apps Setup Service for customer satisfaction. We are able to display more customer reviews than any other UK Google Apps Authorised Reseller in the Google Apps Marketplace. We continue to receive a 5 Star rating from our clients who have enjoyed our speedy and easy Google Apps Setup Service. Thank you to each and every one of our clients that have contributed to this [...]

Google Apps Docs to use SSL capability

Starting on October 21, 2010, Google will begin using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to enforce data encryption on Google Docs for all Google Apps customers. It may take a few weeks after October 21 for you to see this change reflected in your accounts. SSL is commonly used to secure transactions over the Internet, and using it will keep your data encrypted as it travels between your web browser and Google servers. Once Google starts enforcing SSL connections, [...]

The Big Five-oh!

That's right, Zumzum is now officially 50 reviews on the Google Apps marketplace. A half a century of Customer Reviews is a very important milestone on the Google Apps Marketplace. That landmark means we are head and shoulders above the competition as the #1 Reviewed Service for Google Apps Setup in the UK. Once again, thank you to all of our customers and especially each and every person that has invested the time to write a short review. Your valuable [...]

Google Apps Site Launched for Lawson Recruitment

As a a startup business Lawson Recruitment decided to build it's IT infrastructure on Google Apps. Speed of implementation along with the great value for money were deciding factors for Lawson Recruitment. Not only are Lawson Recruitment using Google Apps for communication and collaboration, the corporate web site is also powered by Google Sites. An elegant and professional design template has been applied to Google Sites so that Lawson Recruitment can easily modify and add to the sites content. Take [...]

Four New Educational Customers on Google Apps

December was a very successful month as four new educational customers migrated to Google Apps for Education with the help of Zumzum. Schools, colleges and universities are turning to Google Apps for Education to help reduce IT costs, simplify the IT over-head and workflow as well as gain the advantages of innovative technology in the classroom. View this presentation to see the full benefits of why so many educational establishments are choosing Google Apps for Education.

Google Apps Cloud Connect – First Impressions.

It was wonderful to get our hands on the much anticipated "Google Cloud Connect" last week, which will allow Microsoft Office users to take advantage of the Google Apps Cloud for Collaboration. Having reviewed the presentations and the provided demonstration, the installation of Google Apps Cloud Connect took only a few moments. Once installed the plugin sits in the MS Application as a toolbar and is super-easy to sync to files to Google Docs. All seems to work [...]

Zumzum Attends Google Apps For Education User Group (UK)

Last week saw the inaugural user group meeting for Google Apps for Education in the UK. It was an extremely well attended and informative event at Loughborough University. Find out about the event itinerary here: Zumzum was one of a few Google Apps Authorised Resellers with a presence at the event and it was a real pleasure to network with both end users and Google Enterprise Staff. There are some incredible developments and add-ons being brought via the Google Apps Marketplace, [...]

Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist in 78 minutes

Congratulations to our very own Bashrat Din who sat and passed the Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist exam 20 days after it was announced by Google. The largest part of that delay was waiting for the secure testing device to arrive from the US. Bash attended the exam in a secure, remote environment, being monitored via secure web cam and completed the exam in an impressive 78 minutes, less than half the time allocated to the exam. All aspects of [...]

We’re Hiring – Come & Work With Us.

Google Apps Deployment Engineer With MS Exchange Experience Job Description This position is for a Microsoft Exchange Engineer who is interested helping organisations transition away from MS Exchange and onto Google Apps. You will be expected to lead Google Apps deployments and data migrations after sufficient on-the-job training from Google and our staff. You will be asked to assist our sales staff in delivering solutions around companies moving from MS Exchange to Google Apps. You will be involved in the full [...]

We Have Moved!

Our office has relocated to Houldsworth Mill, a Grade II listed building in Stockport although you can still reach us on 087 080 33133. The move was transparent and seamless to our customers without any disruption to normal service. Our new office address is: Zumzum Limited Houldsworth Mill Houldsworth Street Stockport SK5 6DA As an icon of the Industrial Revolution, we felt the building is an ideal location to continue our Cloud Computing Revolution. Equipped with state of the art telecommunications and IT infrastructure this fully [...]

Our Latest Team Member…..Welcome Peter Wightman

As Zumzum continues to increase our customer base and the need to service the growing demand for implementing Cloud Computing Solutions we have created a new position in out team for a Cloud Computing Consultant. To take on this challenge Peter Wightman has joined our team of expert consultants. With over two decades of IT experience under his belt, Peter spent fifteen years of his career development within the Sun International Group in South Africa. Having started working at the [...]

Quick look Office 365 V Google Apps

Today being the launch of Microsoft Office 365, we thought we would have a nose around and see what the competition is making such a fuss about. Initial impressions are that the Microsoft online suite is far less functional than the offline versions of MS Office/Outlook, let alone compete with the elegance of Google Apps in the browser. The disappointment started when not all the functions performed correctly in the Google Chrome Browser of choice (of course) and even changing [...]

Cloudforce Manchester

Salesforce continues to expand it's capabilities, customer base and portfolio of solutions. Attending Cloudforce Manchester was an ideal opportunity to learn more about the future direction of CRM or enterprises being more social. Besides, it was great to see the Salesforce team again and network with fellow partners, users and of course prospects. Zumzum continues to grow it's service offerings around Salesforce and we have some incredibly exciting plans in this area so stay tuned for more details to come. [...]

Welcome to our new web site

Today we began the beta test of our new web site. A number of notable features have been added to the web site to demonstrate the power of Google Sites as a public facing web site. Notice the slide show we have on the home page, the custom Google Theme created to reflect our corporate branding and the live twitter gadget on our home page, not to mention the live chat functions all over our web site. [...]

Zumzum Announces Google Apps Seminar at Google Offices London

Today we are pleased to announce a new event at the new Google Offices in London, Thursday 15th September 2011 at 9.00am. As co-hosts of this event we are inviting organisations that are new to Google Apps to learn about the Google Mission for the enterprise and see the Google Apps suite in action. The event is specifically targeted at small to medium businesses (SMBs) that are exploring the idea of migrating email and collaboration tools to the cloud. Presentations [...]

Ian McCall of Dashboard Accounting, Loyal Zumzum Customer Discusses Why Accountants Choose Google Apps Over Excel

This is a great contribution to this article by Ian McCall, who has implemented an IT strategy to migrate to a server-less environment by adopting Cloud based computing for the various businesses he is involved in. On a real, day to day, practical level Ian is demonstrating how to use Cloud based technology to improve user productivity, reduce IT costs and collaborate in new ways with employees, suppliers and customers. We love working in real-time with Ian in spreadsheets as [...]

Google Apps Mail Merge with Google Docs

Google Docs has been growing in stature with is, particularly as it is releasing features on a regular basis. One quite important feature request has been the ability to complete a mail merge with Google Docs. In the past, this has been the realm of power users and Microsoft Office, however, not any longer. By combining the power of Google Apps Script and Google Docs your able to easily merge variable data into your Google Document to personalise your letters [...]

Zumzum Adds New Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist

Congratulations to Peter Wightman who recently passed the Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist exam. This helps Zumzum expand our team of certified deployment specialists and continue to execute on our plans to be the leading Google Apps Reseller in the UK. Pete is Google Apps Certified Deployment specialist number 361, so this group of specialist remains a very limited and elite list of certified specialists. Yes, that's correct, there are no more than around 361'ish Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists [...]

Webinar Recording “How Do I Get Started With Google Apps”

If you missed our series of joint webinars with Google Apps, you can catch with this video on our YouTube Channel. The webinar outlines Google's Vision for the Enterprise, an overview of Google Apps and a demo of the main features in Google Apps. After a short Q & A at the end, some advice is offered around how to setup a small pilot of Google Apps. enjoy the video and let us know your feedback. Webinar: "How Do I Get Started [...]

New Vacancy – Join Our Team

Job Description: Google Apps Migration Engineer with MS Exchange Experience This position is for a Microsoft Exchange Engineer who is interested helping organisations transition away from MS Exchange and onto Google Apps. You will be expected to lead Google Apps deployments and data migrations after sufficient on-the-job training from Google and our staff. You will be asked to assist our sales staff in delivering solutions around companies moving from MS Exchange to Google Apps. You will be involved in the [...]

We’re Hiring Again – IT Trainee Tele-Marketing Executive/Tele-Sales Executive

IT Trainee Tele-Marketing Executive/Tele-Sales Executive Job Responsibilities: As a Trainee Tele-marketing Executive/Tele-Sales Executive you will be: You will be calling both small and medium size corporate businesses Contacting IT managers, IT Directors and Finance Directors to probe about their existing IT systems Qualifying leads on behalf of our sales team and when appropriate, appointment setting with qualified decision makers Calling database lists to invite prospects to seminars/webinars Following-up mailshots and email blasts to generate inquiries and qualified leads or appointments. Logging [...]

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all our staff, customers, suppliers and partners for making 2011 such a great year.  We wish you all the best of health, wealth and prosperity for 2012.  Hope you have a huge amount of success and fun in 2012. The Zumzum Team.

New Milestone – 100 Customer Reviews in the Google Apps Marketplace

Since launching in the Google Apps Marketplace Zumzum has received more customer reviews than any other UK Google Authorised Apps Reseller. Today we reached a new milestone of reaching 100 Customer Reviews posted on our profile, which is nearly twice as many as our nearest competitor. It's a proud moment for us as we are the FIRST uk Google Apps Authorised Reseller to reach this milestone. This all goes to demonstrate our standing as one of the leading Google Apps [...]

Welcome to Paul Daly, our latest Cloud Computing Consultant

Please join us in welcoming our latest team member Paul Daly. Clearly passionate about IT with over 10 years of IT experience, Paul is going to be a real asset to our team. With experience in wide an varied industries, such as manufacturing, security, printing and yes, Rocket Science, Paul is ideally placed to helo our customers get the best out of Cloud Computing. Having designed, developed, implemented and managed systems for many a business, Paul is [...]

Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist & Subject Matter Expert

It is always a pleasure to be invited to participate in a beta program and particularly satisfying when you're amongst the first in the world to qualify for a certification. Even more rewarding is being recognised as a subject matter expert by being invited to be part of the handful of professionals, that contributed to the thought process that set the passing score for the certification exam. So, I am particularly excited to announce passing this certification and being [...]

Zumzum Awarded a Government Framework Agreement for the Provision of G-Cloud Services, to help implement Google Apps in the UK Public Sector

To help the increase in adoption of Cloud Computing technologies in the UK Public Sector the UK Government has selected Zumzum as one of the first providers of G-Cloud services for Google Apps to be featured in the planned government “cloud services application store”.   Stockport,  March 1, 2011  -- With the UK government committed to purchasing cloud computing services on a pay-as-you-go model, Zumzum is one of the first Cloud Computing service providers to be awarded a Framework Agreement [...]

How Much Does A Server Outage Cost Your Business?

If you're a NatWest or RBS banking group customer you may have received emails, SMS or seen the message posted in the eBanking portal interface apologising for the system issues experienced by the bank. Even if you're not a customer of one of these banks, you may have been affected or at least heard the story in the media. For sure, there are many millions of people and business effected by the disruption and who knows how [...]

Zumzum Limited Appoints Ray Lakha as Business Development Manager

Ray Lakha brings over 12 years of Sales, Business and IT experience to Zumzum Limited   We are pleased to announce that Ray Lakha has joined our team as Business Development Manager to drive the adoption of Cloud Computing among enterprise, education and government sectors. Ray will lead the go-to-market strategy around Google Apps, associated add-ons and implementation services across a range of industry verticals prime for Cloud Computing. Ray started his career in the PC era with Packard Bell before diversifying [...]

Zumzum Adds New Google Apps Certification

Today we are pleased to announce that Paul Daly has passed the Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist Exam and is number 832 Certified Deployment Specialist in the world. Paul combined his broad industry experience with his focused Google Apps deployment experiences to master the tools and knowledge needed to pass the rigorous certification exam. "I am really excited to have joined this elite group of IT specialists who can claim to be experts in Google Apps deployments.   Having served in the [...]

Zumzum Financials Launches on the Salesforce AppExchange, Accounting Software For Designed Specifically for SMB Companies, To Help Accelerate The Lead-To-Cash Cycle.

Built 100% native on the platform, Zumzum Financials for Salesforce is the accounting solution specifically designed to help SMB companies streamline sales their and finance processes on to a single platform, powered by Stockport,  September 7, 2012  -- Zumzum Limited today announced the launch of Zumzum Financials as a complete set of financial tools for an SMB user of Built 100% native on the platform, users will benefit from a single user interface, one set [...]

Work in the Future feedback

Thank you to all of you that invested your time in coming to the Google Apps Briefing at Google HQ on Friday 14th of September. A mixture of education and fun as it's always great to see the culture of Google from inside one of Google's offices. Businesses from all type of industries and various sizes attended the event to learn about the suite of Google Apps solutions. It's always great to see the look on peoples faces [...]

Secure Your Google Apps Data Against Accidental Loss

Why would you be concerned about backing up your Google Apps data when Google does such a great job of backup and restore? You may or may not be surprised to hear that by far the most common cause of data loss in Google Apps is accidental deletion by a user. As an authorised user of your Google Apps account, your are empowered to add, update and delete your data as and when you require. Now on occasion, [...]

Even More Google Apps Certified Specialists

Congratulations to Ray Lakha for becoming the latest Zumzum team member to gain a Google Apps certification. After joining Zumzum only 6 months ago, Ray has dedicated his time to becoming an industry leading sales specialist for Google Apps and his efforts have been rewarded by earning himself the Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist status. “It’s really great to be able to join this community of cloud innovators, that are Certified Google Apps Sales Specialists” said Ray Lakha, Business Development Manager, [...]

Zumzum Becomes a Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller

As one of the first Google Apps Resellers in the UK, we were promoted to Premier SMB Reseller status in October 2012. The Google Apps Premier Reseller designation from Google enables customers to more easily assess a reseller’s expertise advising on and deploying Google products. Zumzum moved from an Authorised to a Premier SMB Reseller based on our expertise and success in helping customers deploy and use Google Apps. Zumzum Stockport,  February 1, 2013  -- Zumzum a leading provider of [...]

Google Apps Script for Workflow Automation

The Google Apps suite is transforming the way users work and presents many new opportunities to make your people and processed more productive.  Many organisations are running businesses processes using spreadsheets and email to find themselves repetitively performing mundane tasks that is a drain on resources. As en example take a typical purchase requisition or expense claim submission that most companies would run.  In the good old days, paper forms would be provided to staff, who would fill those out [...]

Google Apps Vault Hangout Live On Air

Ever since the announcement of Google Vault in 2012, we have eagerly awaited it's launch to existing Google Apps For Business Users.  Every new customer is able to add Google Vault, however, existing users have had to wait over a year to be able to add the backup, archiving and e-discovery service. Now it's finally here, we want you to join our Hangout on Air at our Google+ page for a live stream of an introduction to Google Vault.  The aim [...]

Google Apps Vault Introduction and demo

Thank you to all of you that attended our Google Apps Vault Hangout, Live on Air last week.  Here is the link to the Google+ event page where you will be able to see the recording of the demo and more information on the event: For those of you who wish to have a refresh on the event, then please view the YouTube video below

Google Apps Webinar – “Work in the Future”

Today was a great day for Google Apps, with yet another significant win with Whirlpool, migrating 68,000 employees to Google Apps and news that one third of all colleges and universities in the UK are using Google Apps.  What that means for us is that the worlds most innovative companies are adopting cloud technology to be more customer/consumer focused and the next generation of employees will expect cloud technology in the workplace, specifically Google Apps for Business. You too can [...]

Make free phone calls to the USA and Canada from Google Hangouts for iOS

With the new update announced to the Google Hangout app for iOS, it's so easy to make calls for free to the USA that paying for phone calls should be a thing of the past. Once you have updated to the latest version of the iOS  app on your device, you will see a message at the top letting you know you can call friends.   Notice the phone icon that has appeared in the top right hand corner of the app. [...]

Join Our Team

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a salesforce developer to join the Zumzum Karachi office. You will be exposed to direct contact with our international customers and specifically in the UK. Main Responsibilities: Add functionality to Zumzum Financials (Appexchange Product) Work with clients to gather and define requirements Reseach, design and delivery applications, system enhancements and configurations using salesforce platform technologies Provide day-to-day support to users at end customers on the use of the system and software packages Optimization and refactoring [...]

My First 24 Hours With A Chromebook

Tell us about yourself Connor. My name is Connor Johnson and I am a Helpdesk Analyst with Zumzum working towards completing my first year on the National Apprentice Programme. Since I decided on the National Apprentice programme as my preferred route to gain more qualifications and work experience I spend time both learning and working. I have always had a passion for technology, love new innovations and want to build a successful career in the IT industry so joining Zumzum [...]

We Are Hiring.

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a salesforce developer to join the Zumzum Karachi office. You will be exposed to direct contact with our international customers and specifically in the UK. Main Responsibilities: Add functionality to Zumzum Financials (Appexchange Product) Work with clients to gather and define requirements Reseach, design and delivery applications, system enhancements and configurations using salesforce platform technologies Provide day-to-day support to users at end customers on the use of the system and software packages Optimization and refactoring [...]

Zumzum is a Gold Sponsor at the Salesforce World Tour London

Zumzum are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this years event. Come to the Expo and say hello to the Zumzum team. Are you registered for the Salesforce World Tour London Next week? If not, there is still time to register here We will share with you how we can transform the way you work and accelerate your Lead-2-Order, Order-2-Cash and Procure-2-Pay processes with Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce.

Learn to “Integrate External Data with Lightning Connect” at the Salesforce World Tour London Admin Theatre

Join our very own Awesome Salesforce Admin, Bashrat Din to learn more about how to "Integrate External Data with Lightning Connect" on Thursday the 19th of May at 8.30 am, ExCel Centre London The Salesforce Connect is a whole new way to integrate external data in salesforce with a simple point and click interface for admins, directly in the Salesforce interface. In the past, expensive and complicated systems integration packages and products were required to be able to see external [...]

Salesforce Files Connect with Google Drive

Demo showing the Salesforce Files Connect Integration that allows you to seamlessly connect Google Drive to Sales Cloud

Why would you get so excited about the Files Connect for Google Drive? If you've been using Salesforce and Google Drive for some time, you have probably tried the various methods for linking or accessing files stored in your drive from records in Salesforce.  No matter if it was the simple native feature of copy and paste the link from Google Drive to a Salesforce record or if you had installed the third party apps that created a custom related [...]

Zumzum Seasons Greetings 2016

Season’s Greetings from Zumzum

Thank you from Zumzum for the fantastic year we have had together.   We would like to wish you a very happy and successful 2017.   For your information, from the 24th December 2016 to the 2nd January 2017 our offices will be closed. During this period we will be operating a limited service desk and you may experience a delayed response.  The Zumzum Team

Are you a Senior Salesforce Developer looking for an exciting new role?

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a salesforce developer to join the Zumzum Karachi office. You will be exposed to direct contact with our international customers and specifically in the UK. Responsibilities: Develop software solutions based on customer specification Add functionality to Zumzum Financials Gain Certification in - Certified Salesforce Developer Develop scripts in Javascript, etc (if required) Manage customer support cases Find solutions to feature requests/roadmaps Test solutions prior to delivery to client Salesforce customisation/development to support client deployments Find [...]

10th Year Zumzum

Zumzum Celebrates 10 Years of Exceeding Customer Expectations

Today, I am very pleased to say that Zumzum is celebrating our ten year anniversary of our founding, and with it, ten years of exceeding customer expectations. I'd like to thank our customers, employees, partners and suppliers who have created our success and inspired our best work. There could be so many ways to reminisce about the amazing journey we have experienced, from our founding in the year of the biggest banking crisis the world has ever seen, to the [...]

Google Releases G Suite Enterprise Edition

  Visibility and control is crucial to protecting your company’s sensitive assets and should be top of mind in today’s world.  Working to improve the security of the G Suite environment, Google has announced it’s newest tier of G Suite, aimed directly at customers who require stronger levels of security controls and insight.  Called G Suite Enterprise Edition, you’ll get access to controls like: More powerful access control for administrators with security key enforcement More data control with Data Loss [...]

Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search Comes to G Suite

  Imagine being able to put the most powerful search engine in the world to work for your organization.  Everything you could need for that upcoming meeting – documents, calendar invites, associated emails – all delivered right to your device at the right time. That’s what Cloud Search brings to G Suite and Enterprise Customers. Why Tailored Search? Sorting through information can be complex and often times a huge time sink.  With many companies expanding their footprint in the Cloud, this becomes [...]

Get Your Sales Invoices Paid Lightning Fast with Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce

  Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce is designed to unify your CRM and accounting teams on the same process to speed up your business transactions and make your people more productive. In the past, companies that have invested in Salesforce have continued to run finance functions outside of salesforce on legacy accounting products, built for the pre internet era, since the cost of implementing accounting for Salesforce has been too expensive and the software too complex. The businesses using Salesforce have [...]

Zumzum sfwt17_london_gold_sponsor_600x360

We Are Delighted To Announce That We Will Be A Gold Sponsor At The Salesforce World Tour London

We are delighted to announce that we will be a Gold Sponsor at Salesforce World Tour London, to witness the very best of Salesforce. We will be demonstrating the latest Accounting for Salesforce technology throughout the day and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Date: 18th May 2017 Location: ExCel London Book a meeting with one of our experts on site to learn how to: - Gain a 360 degree of customer CRM and Accounting information on the Salesforce Platform - [...]

Zumzum Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam

Salesforce World Tour Live App Demo Jam

We need your support at what is sure to be a fiercely contested Demo Jam at the upcoming Salesforce World Tour London event. If you’re planning to be around the London expo on May 18th, please come and help us defeat the opposition! We’re thrilled to have been invited to battle five other ISV solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange on the evening of the biggest cloud technology event of the year. Never heard of the Salesforce Demo Jam? Well, it’s one [...]

App Demo Jam Live at Salesforce World Tour London

Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce Competes in the First App Demo Jam Live at Salesforce World Tour London

Zumzum are truly proud to be invited to compete in the first ever App Demo Jam Live at the Salesforce World Tour in London and gave a formidable demonstration of Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce. See below a recording of the demonstration that highlights capabilities that help finance departments eliminate manual effort and streamline the order-2-cash process on the Salesforce platform.  Some of our favourite features in this very fast paced demo are: One click sales invoice creation from opportunities [...]

SymStor logo

SymStor are delighted with the outcome of migrating our Accounting and Financial processes to the Salesforce platform

“We are now able to process our sales to payments, with almost zero manual intervention. That's a massive productivity and efficiency gain compared to the old Sage platform we used for accounting before implementing Zumzum.” Andrew Martin, CEO, SymStor About SymStor Founded in 2008 in Berkshire, SymStor is an enterprise integration business serving some of the biggest household names and specialising in delivering IT business integration around data storage, compliance, management and cloud protection. They offer all the products and [...]

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You have G Suite. Now try Salesforce, the #1 CRM, free for three months.

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Zumzum Happy Holidays 2017 PNG WP

Wishing You Happy Holidays And A New Year Full of Success From Zumzum

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, partners and suppliers for making our tenth year in business such an amazing year. Looking forward to working with you for many more years to come as we navigate the journey of the 4th Industrial Revolution, powered by cloud computing. From all of us at Zumzum, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year for 2018.