Email Migration to G Suite £49.99

To take advantage of the incredible storage and search capabilities of G Suite you will probably wish to migrate your existing emails, contacts and calendars to G Suite.

There are several options available to you for how you migrate your existing data to G Suite and we shall advise on the best approach for you. Of course, the approach Zumzum adopt depends very much on which email server you are using, where it is located and what type of desktop applications for email you are using.

The tools available to migrate your existing emails include:

  • G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange
  • G Suite Migration for Lotus Notes
  • Mail Fetcher – for web based email accounts
  • IMAP migration – for hosted email servers
  • Email Uploader – for desktop email applications
  • G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook – desktop tool to sync outlook data with G Suite

Zumzum will recommend the appropriate migration option for your environment and even use a combination of approaches to provide a complete data migration service for all your users.

Where necessary, we can advise your users on how to perform the desktop upload or sync routines, provide email and telephone support or use remote desktop control to perform the task on your users behalf. The migration will be setup, tested, completed and handed over to your users.

Get started with email migration to G Suite

Contact us via our web site for more information or call Zumzum on 087 080 33 1 33 with your questions.