G Suite End User Training From £49.99 Per Delegate

One of the most critical factors in ensuring a successful migration to G Suite is the acceptance by your end users of G Suite. In order to help users fully understand the new way of working with G Suite and to help your end users become familiar with the extremely powerful capabilities of G Suite, Zumzum offers a range of end user training courses.

Our standard G Suite End User Training course is delivered remotely via the web or if you prefer we can deliver this on your site. Zumzum can tailor our standard course to reflect your specific needs or concentrate on the modules that you have activated as part of your G Suite account.

We can even provide training courses for your System Adminsitrator to ensure they are capable of managing your G Suite services.

The current curriculum for the Zumzum G Suite End User training course is:

  1. Getting Started with G Suite 

    • Accessing G Suite  services via your domain
    • Setting G Suite as your browser home page
    • Enabling Google Offline edition
    • Setup Gmail Notifier
  2. Google Mail

    • Logging in
    • Introduction to the Gmail interface
    • Conversation threads in Gmail
    • Compose a message
    • Replying and forwarding emails
    • Using labels rather than folders
    • Using Search in Gmail
    • Creating advanced search filters
    • Managing contacts in Gmail
    • Managing contact groups
    • Adding a signature to your emails
    • Setting an automatic vacation response
  3. Google Hangouts
    • Instant Messaging (IM) chat in Gmail
    • Voice chat in Gmail
    • Video chat in Gmail
  4. GGoogle Calendar

    • Calendar Settings
    • Scheduling meetings in Google Calendar
    • Share your Calendar with colleagues
    • Sharing a team calendar
    • Sharing a public calendar
    • Setting your calendar as private
    • remove someone from your shared calendar
  5. Google Drive

    • Overview of Google Drive
    • Import a file into Google Drive
    • Sharing a document
    • Export a file from Google Drive
    • Chat with Collaborators in Google Docs
    • Revision history in Google Docs
    • Creating Forms
    • Editing Forms
    • Embedding a Form
    • Sending and publishing Forms
    • Viewing Form responses
  6. Google Sites

    • Overview of Google Sites
    • Create a new site
    • Create a new page
    • Edit a page
    • Editing a site with colleagues
    • Embed content to Google Sites
    • Display a calendar in Google Sites
    • Revision history in Google Sites
    • Search in Google Sites
    • Including a page in Navigation
    • Removing a page in Navigation
    • Adding the recent site activity and site map
    • Change the logo in your site
    • Delete a site

If you have any particular needs for G Suite training then please contact us via our web site or call Zumzum on 087 080 33 1 33 and we shall be happy to help you.