Create Sales Order from Sales Order tab

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    1. .Click the New button, which can be found in the top right.
    2. In the Customer field, enter the Account name of your Customer or use the lookup button to view a list of Customers.
    3. The Order date is the day which the order was made on, today’s date will automatically be selected. You can change this by clicking the field and selecting a date from the drop-down calendar.
      • You are able to link/complete other fields but they are not necessary to complete the Sales Order so at this point go ahead and link the records accordingly.
    1. 4. Now you need to add the line items, these are the items which you are billing for on the Sales Order.
    2. 5. Firstly enter the Product Name or click the lookup button to view a list of products stored in Salesforce.
    3. 6. Now enter the Qty (Quantity), which is the number of this specific item bought.
    4. 7. The Price will be auto-filled with the price saved on the product record within Salesforce. You can edit this by clicking the field and typing a new number.
    5. 8. Now select the T/C (Tax Rate) from the drop-down menu, this will automatically be applied to the price to work out the new total.
    6. 9. Select to Add, in the Option box, this will add the item to the Sales Order
    7. 10. Repeat Step 5 –> Step 10 for every item on the Sales Order.
    8. 11. Finally Click Save once all item are added.
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