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    1. Search Expense Sheet in the App Launcher.
    2. Select New.
    3. Firstly select the Year and Month that the Expense Sheet is representing.
    4. The next step is to select the type of Expense, whether it is Cash or Card.
    5. Now select the Date of the Expense you wish to add to the Sheet. Today’s date will be automatically filled in, this may need changing as the date you select must match the date and year you selected in Step 3.
    6. You can then link the Expense to a Opportunity and/or Account if needed.
    7. Now select the Nominal Account, the field will allow you to search by the name.
    8. You are required to add a Narrative explaining what the expense is for.
    9. If it is in relation to travel then enter the Mile traveled, this will not be relevant to all expenses. Also enter the name of the Passenger if relevant.
    10. You can now enter the Quantity of Items that are part of the expense.
    11. Next enter the Unit Amount of a single item on the Expense.
    12. Lastly select the Tax Rate (T/C) and select Add
    13. Repeat Step 5 – Step 12 for every Item on the Expense Sheet.
    14. Once all expense are added them select Save Expense Sheet.
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