How to create Time Sheet detail

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    1. Timesheet details can be created from any Timesheet, Case, Work, Agile Task, Job, Candidate or Interview.      Navigate to any of the mentioned records which you wish to link the Timesheet to.
    2. On the record that you have selected navigate to the Related section.
    3. Scroll till you see the Timesheet Details Section, in the top right of this section click the New button.
      • Depending on which record you created the Timesheet detail from, the corresponding field will automatically be filled. For example, if you create it from a case the case field will already be filled in.
    4. Enter the name of a Timesheet or use the lookup field to find the relevant Timesheet you wish to enter the         Timesheet detail onto.
    5. Enter a name for the Timesheet Detail in the Time Sheet Name field.
    6. The Date will auto select today’s date, this can be changed by selecting the field and selecting a new date from the drop-down calendar.
      • Tick Billable, if relevant, which means that the customer will be billed for the time you enter.
      • Tick Billed, if relevant, which means they have already been charged for the time you enter.
    7. The Narrative is to help understand what the time was spent doing when the record is later reviewed.
    8. The Total Hours, is where you enter how long you spent, enter it as a decimal, so 1 = 60 mins, 0.25 = 15          minutes etc.
    9. You can then link it to other records such as Case, Work, Agile Task, Jobs, Candidate and Interview. This can be done by entering the names of these records or by using the Lookup field to find the record you are looking for.
    10. 1Finally, click Save.
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