Cash Management

Track balances, payments and transactions
for multiple bank accounts and
increase staff efficiency.
View all your bank
accounts in one place and
improve visibility into
your cash management.

Total flexibility in how you manage your cash.

Easily apply payments to accounts not tied to an invoice, record payments not applied to a single customer and transfer funds across accounts. Automate manual processes and improve your staff productivity.

Easily reconcile your bank accounts to maintain accurate cash balances.

Reconcile all your current, savings and credit card accounts from any web browser. Quickly detect banking errors, handle exceptions and report on accurate balances.

Get a complete, real-time picture of your company’s cash flows.

Track bank receipts, payments and transfers for all your bank accounts, companies and currencies. Use list views, reports and dashboards to drill down to individual bank account transactions.

Salesforce and Zumzum Financials unify our CRM and Finance functions on a single platform to make us more productive.” – Henry Maclellan, Director, Microcare Systems

Find out how we can help you improve your cash management processes.

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