5 Ways To Improve Finance Productivity With Salesforce

5 Ways To Improve Finance Productivity With Salesforce

5 Ways To Improve Finance Productivity With Salesforce

Finance Productivity With Salesforce

Finance is critical for every business and impacts many business processes. Therefore business leaders and professionals always look for new development ideas and investments to improve their financial staff productivity. 

Before starting on any investment, knowing the challenges faced by finance teams is important. Many businesses share the same difficulties in the finance department’s workloads, such as slow processes, manual data entry, using legacy on-premise systems, and a lack of collaboration tools. However, there are some excellent technologies like Salesforce that help businesses to improve their productivity. If you integrate Salesforce with a Salesforce native accounting system, you could eliminate financial threats to your business. Accounting on Salesforce automates manual processes, reduces errors, and increases efficiency and collaboration. In this way, you can unite your finance team with the rest of your business so your teams can collaborate better. You can transform your business into a more powerful version of it.

If you want to know more about the benefits of integrating your accounting with Salesforce, look at the opportunities listed below. Start process improvements to be had from Accounting on Salesforce.

1. Avoid Manual Data Entry

Manual work is error-prone, time-consuming, and slows down business processes. Therefore manual data entry can cause problems such as rekeying data from one system to another. However, accounting on Salesforce helps you to eliminate manual work and automates processes.

It allows you to keep all information in one place with the same data model and moves data seamlessly from one process to another. So your team does not need to rekey data between different systems. You can save time and money by avoiding manual data entry and making your finance team more productive.

2. Improve Collaboration With a Single System

Working in different systems for sales, service, marketing, and finance means teams and data are in departmental silos. Collaboration becomes much better with a system where all the information is gathered in a single place, and all users are servicing customers from the same screens. 

By unifying your finance, service, and marketing on the Salesforce platform, you can get a 360-degree view of your customer and access the same information. Using the same customer information means everybody is on the same page with the customer’s needs.. Teams can use collaboration tools like Chatter or Slack to work together. As this builds an excellent collaboration environment, the finance team collaborates with the rest of the business and improves productivity.

3. Automate Finance Processes 

Outdated finance systems require a lot of manual effort from users to perform processes such as invoicing, data entry, and data access which means work is slowed down by manual tasks. Powerful automation tools like Salesforce Flow means finance can automate repetitive manual tasks with the help of a Salesforce Admin rather than long development cycles of traditional on-premise software. 

For example, with automation tools, you can automate the accounts receivable and dunnings process. This allows sending regular reminders for unpaid invoices to customers from Salesforce. You do not need to keep track of the invoices manually. Let the automation tools work for you.

4. Faster Business Insights With One Single Dataset 

Rather than finance users wasting time gathering and consolidating data in spreadsheets, users can spend more time analysing and acting on data insights. Combining CRM and finance information into a single dataset means users can start creating reports and dashboards which show real-time data. 

Keeping all your sales, marketing, service, and finance data in one place makes it easier to create reports/dashboards with Salesforce Lightning reports rather than expensive IT projects or manually collecting data. And, if you need advanced reporting, Salesforce’s CRM Analytics tool can help you get predictive analytics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) baked in. All of this can deliver insights in hours or days rather than weeks. By keeping all of your data in a single system, you will also be able to respond faster to audit and compliance requests as the whole transaction is in a single place.

5. Work from Anywhere

For most businesses, their accounting data is stuck in legacy, on-premise systems. Most traditional accounting systems run onsite and are difficult to access without complex networking infrastructure. With newer cloud-based systems, you can keep all your data in one place and get an easier access from any device at any time.

It’s now more accessible, less expensive, and more secure to access applications on the Salesforce platform rather than on-premise systems. Salesforce should be the platform of choice when migrating finance and accounting processes to the cloud. Additionally, the Salesforce Lightning Platform is the enterprise choice for work-from-anywhere. While keeping your data in a more secure and collaborative cloud system allows you and your team to work anytime and anywhere. You can access real-time data anytime with a single click on the same platform, which means a productive business.


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