Automate revenue
recognition on Salesforce
and retire your
Manage revenue and deferred revenue
in accordance with your business rules
and accounting policies.

Revenue Recognition

Automate Revenue Recognition process

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Assign revenue recognition rules to products to be automatically applied to sales invoice line items

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Automatically create revenue recognition schedules with the relevant general ledger entries

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Effortlessly track and comply with revenue recognition standards

Define your revenue recognition rules

Create your revenue recognition rules and then assign them to your Salesforce products. Rules are automatically applied to products at a sales invoice line item level with your own custom revenue recognition rule settings.

Automatic deferred revenue calculations and journals

Revenue Recognition Schedules and journals are automatically created from sales invoices to give you real-time visibility into deferred revenue. One click access to deferred and recognised revenue by Company, Account, sales invoice and products with daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly schedules.

Revenue Reporting and Dashboards

Powerful reports give you real-time insight into your deferred and recognised revenue in addition to instant visibility into the impact on your P&L, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reports. Customised reports and dashboards help you track your unique business KPIs.

Find out how we can help you automate your revenue recognition process on Salesforce.

Streamline your end to end business processes, increase your staff productivity and retire your spreadsheets, 100% native on the Salesforce platform.

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