About Us
Zumzum helps you transform the way your people work
to become a real time business.

The Company

Zumzum helps you transform the way your people work to become a real time business.

Our Cloud, mobile, social and collaboration solutions deliver dramatic increase in revenues, productivity and profits through enabling greater innovation.

Zumzum delivers a full range of services for Google Cloud, Salesforce.com and develops our own software solution Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce. We are proud to be one of the first Google Cloud partners in the UK, a Salesforce Consulting Partner and a Salesforce ISV Partner.

We are passionate about helping your business leverage the technology from the leaders in Cloud Computing to transform the way your businesses works, collaborates and engages with your customers to drive business value. Zumzum solutions help your people be more efficient and effective.

The Information Technology shift to Cloud Computing is only just beginning. Let Zumzum be your partner of choice for a successful journey.

Zumzum Purpose

To pursue technological innovation that makes a positive contribution to society.

Zumzum_The Company

Zumzum Values

  • Exceed customer expectations

    Through active listening, constant learning, and self-improvement we strive to achieve quality and excellence in all aspects of what we do.

  • Inspire people

    Rewarding pro-active, hard work, honesty, entrepreneurial creativity, and individual initiative by helping our people achieve goals and ambitions.

  • Belief

    Working with passion, commitment, enthusiasm, persistent self-confidence, and unconventional thinking to overcome failure to achieve exceptional results.

  • Having fun

    Encouraging informality, celebrating success, and creating an environment where people can express their personality.

Zumzum Vision Statement

Our solutions will change people’s lives for the better. We will conduct business with progressive and unconventional management philosophies. Employees will be proud to come to work to achieve impeccable results and make their dreams and ambitions come true. Customers will be overjoyed to do business with us and be our best adverts. We will constantly strive to increase our standards to exceed the expectations of all that are involved with us.

About Zumzum

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