Quickstart Google Workspace Enablement

and transform the way you work?
Go Google

Workspace is Google’s flagship product for enterprise communication and collaboration tools. Workspace includes all the features and capabilities available without any of the advertising found in the consumer or free edition products.

Zumzum will fully configure your Workspace services with the following capabilities:

  • Verify your domain ownership in the Workspace  dashboard
  • Update your DNS settings at your domain registrar (CNAME/MX records)
  • Configure Workspace to use your web domain name (e.g. your_domain.com)
  • Upload your logo to reflect your corporate branding
  • Setup unlimited user accounts and passwords
  • Configure your time zone and language preferences
  • Configure Gmail settings and preferences
  • Activate Glabs for your email services 
  • Create your email groups and email lists
  • Configure your calendar settings, with shared resources and calendar sharing options
  • Activate Google Sites settings and sharing options
  • Configure your Google docs settings and sharing options
  • Setup your custom URLs to access your services (e.g. mail.your_domain.com) 
  • Provide 30 days post setup support for questions and query resolution

Get started with the Quickstart Workspace Enablement now

If you have any questions or queries about our service please feel free to call Zumzum on 087 080 33 1 33 or contact us via our web site us and we shall be happy to help you.