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Salesforce is an enterprise cloud computing company. And has transformed the way companies collaborate and communicate. is leading the effort to bring Cloud 2, the next paradigm for computing, to the enterprise by offering its customers the social collaboration, mobility, and openness that are the hallmark of this new world. Furthermore, the company’s platform and application services include:

As of April 30, 2011, manages customer information for approximately 97,700 customers, including Allianz Commercial, Dell, Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE, and SunTrust Banks.


Backupify provides daily automatic backups, archiving, and export for all your social media and SaaS data. Take back control of your online data with Backupify.

Founded in November 2008, Backupify is the only online data backup and storage provider that enables users to backup their cloud accounts seamlessly to the Amazon S3 cloud, which has a great security and data duplication policy. As more and more data and applications move from PCs and local networks to the cloud, there is a clear need for a new category of data management services targeting data in the cloud. Backupify is the leader in this emerging market. Much of the data users generate today is not stored on personal computers; users have data locked up in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Basecamp and other online services. Importantly, Backupify is not just about backup, it is about users controlling data independently instead of having it stored in hundreds of services all around the web.


Productivity Solutions for your Business.

Google enterprise products make your users more productive by combining the innovation and ease of use of Google’s consumer products with the features, security, and support that your organization requires. Therefore, we offer solutions to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and have over 30,000 search and 5,000,000 G Suite customers.

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