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Salesforce Services

Salesforce Consultancy

Zumzum’s implementation, integration and customisation consultants have many years proven track record in delivering CRM successfully.

Zumzum can help you with everything from best practices to customising Salesforce to help improve your business or building bespoke applications. Zumzum can help you with all aspects of getting maximum productivity and return on investment from Salesforce and We’ll help you configure workflows, custom objects, validation rules, user interface, reports, dashboards and more. Development

Zumzum has many years of experience developing solutions on the platform. We’ll leverage the power and agility of to meet your specific business requirements. We have significant expertise in the use of Visualforce and Apex and have built an extensive library of Apex and Visualforce components, which can be rapidly incorporated in your solutions, saving time and development costs. Developing your application on is 5 times faster and half the cost of traditional development tools. Sites Sites enables the rapid development of websites hosted on Zumzum can help you port existing web sites into sites or develop new sites from scratch. sites allows you to link Salesforce data directly to your customer facing sites, for inbound or outbound data manipulation.

Services 2.0 From Only £74.99 per hour

In the same way that you subscribe to salesforce and web 2.0 applications in a low-cost manner, you’re able to consume Zumzum services on a pay-as-you-go basis. We call this Services 2.0. You can implement features quickly and easily and evolve your Salesforce system at a pace that suits your business and your budget. Whether your looking to add a simple capability or implement a more complex project, you will be quoted a competitive rate, that you can easily manage and control.

Our Salesforce Capabilities

– Salesforce customisation and optimisation

– Custom business logic development using Apex

– Developing Visualforce pages

– Development of controls with dynamic data

– Creating mashups

– Salesforce webservices API

– Salesforce UI enhancements

– Customising page layouts and record types

– Workflows with immediate and time-trigger based actions

– Salesforce Customer Portal

– Territory management

– Multiple currency management

– Salesforce integration with custom developed applications

– Data integration/migration from legacy systems

– Google G Suite integration

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