VAT accounting
software for Salesforce.
Create new VAT returns,
view previously submitted returns
and report how your tax is calculated.

VAT Return

VAT Return For Salesforce

Easily setup your VAT rates and assign defaults to transactions

Define multiple VAT rates to apply to your products and services. Set a default tax rate or specific tax rates for each customer and supplier. Zumzum Financials also handles EC Goods, EC Services and VAT Reverse Charges.

Simplify the process of creating and filing your VAT returns

Zumzum Financials automatically calculates your VAT return and helps you understand the tax you owe with powerful VAT audit reports. Drill down to transactions included in your VAT return and view all related documents in one single system. 
VAT Return For Salesforce
VAT Return For Salesforce

Zumzum Financials is Making Tax Digital (MTD) ready - file your VAT return online

Connect Zumzum Financials to the new HMRC Making Tax Digital Application Programmers Interface (API). Easily create and review your VAT returns before submitting to HMRC at a click of a button. Always know when your VAT returns are due. 

Find out how we can help you simplify your VAT compliance.

Streamline your end to end accounting transactions on the Salesforce platform to automate the process of calculating the tax you owe and submitting your VAT returns.

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