Accounting for Salesforce – Zumzum Financials vs. FinancialForce Accounting vs. Sage Live vs. Accounting Seed Comparison Chart

SourceForge Accounting For Salesforce Comparison of Costs

Accounting for Salesforce – Zumzum Financials vs. FinancialForce Accounting vs. Sage Live vs. Accounting Seed Comparison Chart

If you have implemented Salesforce or you in the process of implementing Salesforce, perhaps at some stage, you have considered what else Salesforce could do for your business. We hope, like us here at Zumzum, you believe you could use Salesforce to run your entire business.

You may already be benefiting by streamlining and automating your lead to opportunity or order processes on Salesforce, while other parts of your business lag behind with paper laden processes, in legacy applications siloed away in their own department.  The finance and operations departments are perfect candidates to bring along your digital transformation journey, powered by Salesforce.

The Salesforce AppExchange should be your first stop to finding new addons or application to enhance your Salesforce experience and leverage even greater returns on your investment.  Fortunately,  a quick and easy search of AppExchange for “accounting” brings back a few options, however, there are really only a few 100% native accounting applications on Salesforce.

The main providers you should take a look at are Zumzum Financials, FinancialForce and Accounting Seed, since Sage no longer sells the Sage Business Cloud Financials to new customers.

Follow this link to AppExchange and take a look at the main providers for accounting software:

You should end up with a screen like this so that you can drill in to each one of the offerings:


Search: Salesforce App Exchange Accounting Apps

You may like an additional tool to help you compare the products side by side and perhaps that will be a great addition to the Salesforce AppExchange one day, however, today, you would need to visit external websites to make your comparison easier.  There are several sites out there to help you compare software products so please do not consider this an endorsement of any of the comparison sites above others, this is here merely for illustration purposes.  You should perform your own due diligence on the comparison site you select.

SourceForge Comparison of Features, Accounting For Salesforce

SourceForge Comparison of Features, Accounting For Salesforce

This example uses a comparison tool from  SourceForge so that you are easily able to view the Accounting for Salesforce options, side by side.  You should very quickly be able to establish of the accounting applications offer the capabilities you are looking for and contact the vendors you wish to take a closer look at. Naturally, you would need to drill into the underlying capabilities of each solution so you are clear on how it will help you to transform the way you work and make you more productive.

If you need more information on Zumzum Financials so you are able to make a complete and informed comparison of the best accounting solution for your Salesforce environment, then please do get in touch.




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