Customer Success Story Microcare Systems

Customer Success Story | Microcare Systems “Zumzum Financials is a 10 out of 10 solution relieving us from extra staff cost”

About Microcare Systems

Microcare Systems, a B2B telecom service provider headquartered in Greater Manchester, UK, caters to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK with a range of services including business phones, broadband, mobile broadband, mobile devices, and IT services.


Previously reliant on the antiquated PC-based Pegasus “Opera” system for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Microcare faced limitations due to its desktop dependence and lack of web or mobile accessibility.

The Managing Director of Microcare Systems, Henry Maclellan, said that their financial processes lacked efficiency before adopting Zumzum Financials: “Previously, we managed our sales processes using Salesforce while relying on a separate system for invoicing and financial operations. Switching between systems was highly inefficient, requiring constant toggling between platforms and making it challenging to gain comprehensive visibility across our processes. Switching to Zumzum Financials streamlined our operations significantly, consolidating everything within Salesforce.”

Maclellan highlighted that their previous system resulted in invoicing delays and cash flow constraints due to the lack of integration with Salesforce: “Previous systems made invoicing slower than it needed to be. We were doing the sales in Salesforce, and the invoicing was in a different system. Because they were not connected, we weren’t aware of when jobs were ready to be invoiced. So, it was a manual process of having to check and ensure a job was finished before we could go back and create an invoice. Our invoicing was slower than it could have been, which meant that cash flow wasn’t as good as it could have been. It could take too long to invoice things and collect the money,” said Maclellan.

The Solution

To modernise and streamline operations, Microcare decided to start its journey to the cloud by migrating to the Salesforce platform for all sales, service and finance functions. Collaborating with Zumzum Financials from inception, the phased implementation began with digitising sales, quoting, and opportunity management, integrating e-signatures for efficiency.

Upon customer sign-off, automation was enhanced to generate sales orders and cases, facilitating prompt and budget-conscious customer solutions. Inventory management, including van-stocked items for engineers, was optimised through Zumzum Sales Orders.

For procurement, Zumzum facilitated purchase orders to ensure warehouse readiness, while tracking project profitability at both customer and organisational levels. Supplier invoices, expenses, and sales invoices were meticulously recorded for comprehensive project profitability insights.

All accounting and finance operations transitioned to Zumzum Financials, granting real-time access to Profit and Loss statements and other vital financial metrics. Maclellan said “Being able to see everything within the Salesforce screen automatically means that when a job is completed, we can easily raise an invoice for that job, send it out from inside Salesforce, and track the receivables within Salesforce. We also use it to send automatic reminders, so people pay faster, which helps with cash flow,” said Maclellan.

With Zumzum Financials seamlessly integrated, Microcare now conducts its entire lead-to-cash process on the Salesforce platform, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency and modernisation.

“Zumzum Financials is a perfect fit for small & medium size businesses”

“As a small to medium-sized business, we found that other options in the market were prohibitively expensive and clunky. Choosing Zumzum Financials was an easy decision for us – it offered all the necessary features at an affordable price point, making it the perfect fit for our needs,” said Mr Maclellan.

Business Gains

Saying his favourite feature of Zumzum Financials is its seamless integration with Salesforce along with the convenience of sending and cloning invoices directly from the platform, Maclellan said, “What I appreciate most about Zumzum Financials is its integration with Salesforce, all accessible on a single screen. It’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, making tasks effortless to manage. I love the convenience of sending invoices directly from within Salesforce with just a click of a button. One standout feature is the ability to clone invoices and purchase invoices. This is particularly useful for our recurring monthly supplier invoices, as Zumzum Financials allows us to easily duplicate the previous month’s invoice, significantly speeding up the process.”

Maclellan also mentioned that they received positive feedback and reactions from their team since they started using Zumzum Financials.

“Zumzum Financials significantly reduced costs and improved efficiency”

Zumzum Financials significantly reduced costs by streamlining invoicing processes, eliminating the need for additional staff for accounts at Microcare Systems. The efficiency gains, including faster invoicing and automatic reminders for payments, led to improved cash flow.

Maclellan said, “From a cost-reduction point of view, the ease of use for invoicing meant we no longer needed an extra person just to help with invoices, saving us money on staff costs. Raising invoices, sending them out, and handling monthly billing became much easier, further reducing staffing needs. The time savings were significant, as the system was much faster than what we previously used. The implementation of automatic reminders improved efficiency and cash flow by prompting quicker payments.”

“Overall, we’ve seen a marked improvement in cash flow, getting money into the business faster. I would give Zumzum Financials a 10 out of 10 for its effectiveness and affordability,” said Maclellan, Managing Director of Microcare Systems.

About Zumzum Financials

Zumzum helps you transform your Lead-2-Cash process and the way your people work to become a real-time business. You will experience a dramatic increase in productivity, reduce costs and grow your revenues through greater innovation.

Zumzum delivers a full range of services for Google Cloud, and Salesforce and develops our own software solution Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce. We are proud to be one of the first Google Cloud resellers in the UK, a Salesforce Consulting Partner as well as a Salesforce ISV Partner.

We are passionate about helping your business leverage the technology from the leaders in Cloud Computing to transform the way your business works, collaborates and engages with your customers to drive business value. Zumzum solutions help your people be more efficient and effective.

The Information Technology shift to Cloud Computing is only just beginning. Let Zumzum be your partner of choice for a successful journey.

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