Fanatical about Google Apps Services

Fanatical about Google Apps Services

Incredible Customer Service

ZumZum provide an incredibly high level of customer service which is sadly so rarely demonstrated by companies today.

ZumZum always go the extra mile, Bash was always happy to explain features and functions to us, always willing to talk us through additional settings and methods of performing tasks and the value for money was excellent.

Bash was very generous with his time in pre-sales, set up was very fast and hassle free, during migration Bash was always happy to explain features, functions and methods and after-sales support has been excellent!

Bash knows the Google Apps product inside out and often managed to answer our questions before we even fully knew what it was we were asking!

Bash knows the product, he knows the customer, he has seen it, and experienced it, all before so nothing is an issue and nothing is too much trouble!

We would recommend ZumZum to anyone and everyone who wishes to move to Google Apps!

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