Get Your Sales Invoices Paid Lightning Fast with Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce


Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce is designed to unify your CRM and accounting teams on the same process to speed up your business transactions and make your people more productive.

In the past, companies that have invested in Salesforce have continued to run finance functions outside of salesforce on legacy accounting products, built for the pre internet era, since the cost of implementing accounting for Salesforce has been too expensive and the software too complex. The businesses using Salesforce have been weighed down and restricted by PC accounting products, limiting the business ability to expand and respond fast to customer needs.

Well, that was all before Zumzum Financials, Accounting for Salesforce. Built 100% native on the Salesforce App Cloud, leveraging all of the amazing capabilities of the platform. Everything you have been used to with Salesforce can now be used to power your accounting processes and finally combine CRM and accounting on a single unified platform.

When using Zumzum Financials you will see how innovative and intuitive various tasks are compared to your current accounting solution. With as little as two clicks you could be creating sales invoices from opportunities, allowing your business to focus on expansion and success.

See for yourself how easy and fast it is to implement Sales Invoices for Salesforce by downloading your Free Trial of Zumzum Financials from the Salesforce AppExchange