Google Apps Mail Merge with Google Docs

Google Apps Mail Merge with Google Docs

Google Docs has been growing in stature with is, particularly as it is releasing features on a regular basis. One quite important feature request has been the ability to complete a mail merge with Google Docs. In the past, this has been the realm of power users and Microsoft Office, however, not any longer.

By combining the power of Google Apps Script and Google Docs your able to easily merge variable data into your Google Document to personalise your letters or content. What’s more, by using some extra features of Google Docs and Gmail, your able to email out that content to list of recipients.

Pete in our office decided he wanted to demonstrate a very simple mail merge capability to illustrate what can be achieved with Google Apps Script. We are sure you will agree that this short video demonstrates how powerful Google Docs can be, if used in the right way.

Let us know if you have any other features or capabilities you would like to see in Google Apps and we will try and put together other example videos that you may find useful.


Google Apps Mail Merge With Google Docs

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