Google Apps Site Launched for Lawson Recruitment

Google Apps Site Launched for Lawson Recruitment

As a a startup business Lawson Recruitment decided to build it’s IT infrastructure on Google Apps. Speed of implementation along with the great value for money were deciding factors for Lawson Recruitment. Not only are Lawson Recruitment using Google Apps for communication and collaboration, the corporate web site is also powered by Google Sites. An elegant and professional design template has been applied to Google Sites so that Lawson Recruitment can easily modify and add to the sites content.

Take a look at the great Google Site design here:

Simon O’Brien, Managing Director of Lawson Recruitment commented “Fast, supportive, clear, technically adept and great value. Bash at ZumZum gave me a superlative service; I would recommend his work very highly. ”

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Zumzum continues to innovate with Google Sites and help companies build webs sites, intranets and extranets in a speedy and low cost manner.

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