Google Apps Webinar – “Work in the Future”

Google Apps Webinar – “Work in the Future”

Today was a great day for Google Apps, with yet another significant win with Whirlpool, migrating 68,000 employees to Google Apps and news that one third of all colleges and universities in the UK are using Google Apps.  What that means for us is that the worlds most innovative companies are adopting cloud technology to be more customer/consumer focused and the next generation of employees will expect cloud technology in the workplace, specifically Google Apps for Business.

You too can transform your business and the way you work by embracing the Google Apps for Business products to help you be more productive and collaborative.
Google continues to add functionality to Google Apps for Business, almost at a daily rate so make sure you keep up to date with the latest capabilities of this hugely impressive suite of tools.
Join our Google experts at our upcoming Google Apps webinars to see this amazing solution in action.  Simply register now to reserve your place and learn how to “Work in the Future”.
We look forward to seeing you all at one of our events.

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