Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search Comes to G Suite

Imagine being able to put the most powerful search engine in the world to work for your organization.  Everything you could need for that upcoming meeting – documents, calendar invites, associated emails – all delivered right to your device at the right time. That’s what Cloud Search brings to G Suite and Enterprise Customers.

Why Tailored Search?

Sorting through information can be complex and often times a huge time sink.  With many companies expanding their footprint in the Cloud, this becomes increasingly problematic.  The average knowledge worker, in fact, spends roughly 20% of the workweek search for and consolidating information.  A worthy cause to help save time and leverage the power of the Cloud in new ways.

Smarter Search, just for you

Google Cloud Search is beginning to rollout to organizations now.  When you get access to the Cloud Search console, you’ll be greeted with relevant information organized into simple “Assist Cards” designed to help you stay on top of your day.

These cards are a great new way to help you have the right information available at your fingertips at just the right time. Additionally; you’ll be able to search for people within your company directory.  You’ll be able to see their contact details, and show any events or files that you might have in common.  Want to set up a call, send an email or start a hangout?  It’s all available at the touch of a button.

Breaking Down Informational Silos

By enabling Google Cloud Search for its G Suite Business and Enterprise customers, they aim to help unify the workplace.  Now searching across mediums, departments, and across the entire organization is a way to give people visibility into the information they need at the time they need it, no matter its original source.