How to assign a Zumzum Financials license to a user

Zumzum Financials Knowledge Base

    In order to assign a Zumzum Financial licences to a user please see below steps. Please note that to assign licenses for a package, you need to have System Administrator permissions, you must have access to the package and at least one available license.


    1. From Setup, enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find box, then select Installed Packages.
    2. Click Manage Licenses next to the Zumzum Package
    3. To assign licenses to more users, click Add Users.
    4. To remove a license from a user, click Remove next to the user’s name. To remove licenses from multiple users, click Remove Multiple Users.
    5. Click any column heading to sort the users in ascending order using the data in that column. Click the heading again to sort in descending order.
    6. If available, select fewer or more to view a shorter or longer display list.
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