How To Enter A New Journal

Zumzum Financials Knowledge Base

    1. Go to Transactions
    2. Select New Journal
    3. Firstly you can enter a Reference to make it easier for yourself in the future to understand the entry.
    4. Next, select the Posting Date, today’s date will be automatically selected this can be edited, however.
    5. Then select the Status of the Journal. The options are Draft, Approved, Pending Approval and Cancelled.
    6. The next step is to add the entry, the first thing to fill in is the N/C (Nominal Code).
    7. The next field, Name,  should auto-fill once you have selected the Nominal Code but can be manually entered if this does not autocomplete.
    8. You can now add some Detail if you wish to for further reference in the future.
    9. Then you can select the VAT which will be applied to the total.
    10. Finally, enter the Credit or Debit amount.
    11. To save select add and then repeat step 6 – 10 for all the entries you wish to add.
    12. The last Step is to select Save Draft or Save and Post:
      • Save Draft will save the record so you can access it and edit it. It will not yet be posted to the ledger.
      • Save and Post will post the Journal to the ledger, you will not be able to edit once this is done.
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