ren-new Switzerland delighted with Zumzum Google Apps Support

ren-new Switzerland delighted with Zumzum Google Apps Support

Having implemented a new corporate web site ren-new suffered from a complete failure in the corproate email system. Not only was communications being effected, staff productivity was being destroyed and of course the ren-new brand was being impacted.

Once ren-new contacted Zumzum, the issues were identifed and resolved in a speedy and efficient manner. All corporate email communications were restored and users confidence and efficiency increased again. Managing Partner, Caroline Rennie was delighted by the service and you can read her comments on the Google Solutions Marketplace at:

About ren-new

We work with people in organisations to make sustainability profitable. This involves strategy work with leadership teams; tactical implementation with environment responsibles, and change management with the organisation at large. So we work with groups and individuals throughout the organisation to use a sustainability perspective to find ways to save money, make money and generate loyalty in employees, customers, consumers and stakeholders.

We support organisations by facilitating and enabling fruitful dialogue with stakeholders such as NGOs, government, supply chain and even competitors.

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