SymStor are delighted with the outcome of migrating our Accounting and Financial processes to the Salesforce platform

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SymStor are delighted with the outcome of migrating our Accounting and Financial processes to the Salesforce platform

“We are now able to process our sales to payments, with almost zero manual intervention. That’s a massive productivity and efficiency gain compared to the old Sage platform we used for accounting before implementing Zumzum.” Andrew Martin, CEO, SymStor

About SymStor

Founded in 2008 in Berkshire, SymStor is an enterprise integration business serving some of the biggest household names and specialising in delivering IT business integration around data storage, compliance, management and cloud protection. They offer all the products and services an organisation needs to be more efficient and secure, delivered by industry experts with many years’ experience. SymStor was acquired by Barstone Limited in December 2016, and is now part of a group of high performing technology companies.

Business Issues

When Andrew Martin founded SymStor in 2008, he signed up for MS Office Accounting, but in 2010 their external Accountants required reporting in Sage, so SymStor had to run two finance systems in parallel, adding unnecessary administration and manual rekeying to a small and growing business.

In 2013 SymStor moved their CRM from Sugar to Salesforce, and as a technically advanced business, realised there must be a more efficient way to run the front and back office.

“I would be on the phone with an enterprise customer and unable to answer their query without opening three different applications on three different screens, even then it was very difficult to decipher.”

The Solution

Andrew began the search for a more integrated finance system and quickly shortlisted the options. His goal was to have all the information about a customer or prospect in one place, easily accessible to everyone in the company, across sales, marketing, support and finance.

Of the options they evaluated, Zumzum Financials came out on top on a number of levels. Built on the Salesforce platform, it integrated seamlessly with their CRM, meaning they had a 360° view of their customer across all departments. Designed and priced for a small and medium sized businesses, it came with all the required functionality, and a straightforward implementation process that didn’t disrupt the business.

Business Gains

“The implementation process took less than a day. We were so confident that we loaded Zumzum Financials directly into our live Salesforce environment and had a two hour webex with Zumzum to finalise.”

In the 2 years since SymStor went live on Zumzum Financials, they have seen extraordinary productivity gains by simply joining the back office with the front. As they grow, they only have one system for employees to learn, and giving them a complete view of the customer across all the departments.

They are able to get invoices out in one click, with all the information pulled automatically from the Opportunity,

SymStor and are now able to give their enterprise customers the service they need, giving Andrew and his business a massive competitive advantage.

In addition, Andrew finally believes he has found in Zumzum, a software company willing to listen and take onboard the requirements of a expanding business.

“We are delighted with the outcome of migrating our Accounting and Financial processes to the Salesforce platform with Zumzum Financials for Salesforce. Zumzum technical support is excellent and product management listen to our feedback with regards to enhancements to the platform.”

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