Work in the Future feedback

Work in the Future feedback

Thank you to all of you that invested your time in coming to the Google Apps Briefing at Google HQ on Friday 14th of September. A mixture of education and fun as it’s always great to see the culture of Google from inside one of Google’s offices. Businesses from all type of industries and various sizes attended the event to learn about the suite of Google Apps solutions.

It’s always great to see the look on peoples faces when they see the power of Google Apps delivering real-time collaboration. That “eureka” moment when you know they have got it and are excited at the potential of work can be done any time, any place on any device with any team.

Some of the comments at the event were:

“even more impressed now” – construction industry delegate

“This has to be the way to do it” – software industry delegate

We can all experience a paradigm shift and act on it in an instant, as soon as we see that there is a new way of doing things.

Enjoy work in the future – today!

Zumzum Briefing ReceptionZumzum Briefing Delegates ViewZumzum Briefing Brian Pres

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