Add a new Bank Account

Zumzum Financials Knowledge Base

    1. Go the Bank tab.
    2. Click the Bank Account button, this will take you to a list of the Bank Accounts stored in your system.
    3. Click New, which can be found in the top right.
    4. Firstly in the Bank Account Name enter a name which will make it easily recognizable.
    5. Then select the Type of Bank Account from the drop-down menu.
    6. In the Account Number field, enter the Account Number provided by your Bank.
    7. Select the Status of the Bank from the drop-down menu.
    8. Next step is to link the Bank Account to one of your Nominal Accounts.
    9. Please select your Company in the Company field.
    10. Please select your Currency in the Currency field.
    11. There are multiple other fields which you can fill in or link to other records. These are not necessary to create the Bank Account however so you can fill these in as you please or feel necessary.
    12. Then click Save to ensure the changes take effect.
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