How to run the VAT Audit Report

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    This help article describes two methods of running a VAT Audit Report. There is a method for both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning while the other method only works for Salesforce Lightning.

    If you wish to see how the VAT Return Box values are calculated please check the help article here

    Salesforce Classic and Lightning Interface.

    Run the VAT Audit Report from the Financials Reports Tab. 

    1. Click the + to see All Tabs and find the Zumzum Financials Financial Reports tab. 
    2. Select the “VAT Audit Report” icon
    3. Lookup the VAT Return you wish to run the report against 
    4. Select “Generate Report” to view report results
    5. If you wish to print the results, please use the print facility in your browser

    Salesforce Lightning Interface

    View the VAT Audit Report on the VAT Return record. 

    Note:  Please ensure your administrator has added the VAT Audit Report component to the VAT Return Lightning Record Page. 

    1. Navigate to the VAT Return
    2. Find the sub tab or component with VAT Audit Report
    3. View the results, as the VAT Audit Report automatically loads and runs.


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