Use your Account Lock Date

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    Manage Your Account Lock Date in Zumzum Financials.

    You can set a Lock Date  in Zumzum Financials to prevent users from posting new transactions during a previous period.

    If you have the Zumzum Financials user permissions, you may change the lock date at any time.

    You would typically set a Lock Date when your financial records are being reviewed for a year end or if you wish to “Close” a financial period, e.g. end of month or quarter, etc.

    Once you have set the Lock Date, users are unable to post new transactions prior to the Lock Date.

    To set a Lock Date, please follow these steps.

    1. Go to the Setup (Zumzum) Tab
    2. Select Company Setup and
    3. Select Edit in the menu
    4. Change the Account Lock Date to your desired date
    5. Select Save.

    You have updated your Account Lock Date.


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