Scheduled Sales Invoice

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    1. generate a Sales Invoice Plan record.
    2. Access the Sales Invoice Plan record, where there will be a list of the Scheduled Sales Invoice Records. Each of these are to be used by Zumzum Financials to create a Sales Invoice.
    3. Use the drop-down menu next to the field Status to activate the Sales Invoice Plan.
    4. To start the process of creating the invoices, go to the Schedule Sales Invoices tab.
    5. In the drop-down menu select Ready to Invoice and click Go button.
    6. The system will display a list of all the Scheduled Sales Invoices that have not been converted to Sales Invoices yet.
    7. Select the Scheduled Sales invoices that are to be converted into invoices and click the Create Invoice button.
    8. The system will open the Batch Sales Invoice Job page.
    9. Select certain Scheduled Sales Invoices or all of them and use the Create Draft Invoice or Post Invoice buttons as required.
    10. If the Account has a billing contact assign, the invoices can be emailed from this page.
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