How To Create A Batch Sales Invoice Job

Zumzum Financials Knowledge Base

    This article intends to provide an overview of the high level process of creating Sales Invoice Plans and Batch Sales Invoices in Zumzum Financials.

    Prerequisites for Batch Sales Invoice

    Create a Product

    To be able to create automated Sales Invoice Plans you will need to create and configure your product in Zumzum Financials. Follow the instructions to ensure you have added the product to a price list and you are able to select the product on an opportunity. 

    Create a Sales Invoice Plan Template

    Sales Invoice Plan Templates are assigned to products so that Sales Invoice Plans are created using the settings on the template. Please ensure you have a Sales Invoice Plan Template created and marked as Active.

    Associate a Sales Invoice Plan Template to a Product

    Sales Invoice Plans may be created from products associated to opportunities by selecting the “Create Sales Invoice Plan” checkbox.  Users may select this checkbox manually or administrators may automate the selection of this checkbox.  Ensure you have created and associated a Sales Invoice Plan Template to a Product.

    How to Process a Batch Sales Invoice Job

    Create a Sales Invoice Plan on an Opportunity

    Sales Invoice Plan Templates are associated to Products on a Salesforce Opportunity that require repeat Sales Invoices generated in the system. For example, if you wish to sell your customer an annual subscription and wish to invoice the customer each month, then you would associate a Sales Invoice Plan Template (with a 12 monthly frequency) to the subscription product, which will generate a Sales Invoice Plan for invoices each month.

    Ensure you have generated a Sales Invoice Plan for each product on your opportunity.

    How to create Batch Sales Invoices from Scheduled Sales Invoice

    Every Opportunity product which has a Sales Invoice Plan Template associated to it and has had the “Create Sales Invoice Plan” set to true will create a Sales Invoice Plan.  Each Sales Invoice Plan contains the Scheduled Sales Invoices and the Scheduled Sales Invoice Lines. 

    A user is able to create a batch of sales invoices in the system and bulk post or email those to the customers.  Follow these steps to create a Batch Sales Invoice Job from the Scheduled Sales Invoices in the system.

    How to Edit a Batch Sales Invoice Job

    You may have existing Batch Sales Invoice Jobs that you wish to process in order to post invoices to the ledger or batch email sales invoices to your customers. Once you have initially created a Batch Sales Invoice Job, the record is stored in the system so that you may process when you are ready.

    Follow these steps to edit your  Batch Sales Invoice Job. 

    How to set a custom “From email address and Sender Name”

    It is possible to change the From Address and Sender Name of the Sales Invoice’s sent out during the Batch Sales Invoice. Here is a link to the Knowledge Base page that describes how to do so.