Update Your Customer and Supplier Account Records

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    To process sales and purchasing transactions against your account records you will need to update the following fields with data:


    Update Your Customer and Supplier Account Records

    Ensure your administrator has added the below fields to your account page layouts in Salesforce and also granted you permission to edit the records.

    You may update an individual account  in the Salesforce user interface, or bulk update data using the Salesforce Data Loader.

    Update the below values on your account records:


    Type – update your records to “Customer” or “Supplier” 


    Account Number – each customer will need to have an account number entered 


    Optionally you should consider adding defaults Account values for:


    Payment Due Days – sets the default payment days on your sales or purchase invoices associated with this Account.  


    Nominal Account – sets the default nominal account for sales or purchase associated with this Account


    Tax Rate – sets the default tax rate for transactions associated with this Account

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