Aged Receivables

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    The Aged Receivables Report is designed to assist in the total balance of all customer accounts by showing the total outstanding balances for customers, grouped by aging buckets. The Aged Receivables Report is grouped by Customer Account. Using the date range, you will see a balance of the customer account, at that date in time, with the amounts grouped in aging columns.

    Run The Aged Receivables Report

    You will also need to have the relevant object and field permissions to view Accounts, Ledger records and Ledger Payment History records.

    Follow these steps to run the Aged Receivables report.

    1. Go to the Financial Reports Tab
    2. Click on the Aged Receivables icon
    3. Select the date ranges you would like to view on the report.
    4. Click Generate Report.
    5. Optional: You can also use the Export to Excel button to download a .xls file to your desktop.
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