How to Dispatch Stock on a Sales Order

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    Before you Dispatch a Sales Order

    Please ensure you have completed the following steps in order proceed with the Dispatch of a Sales Order.  

    1. Your Salesforce product should be configured correctly and added to your price book. You can find all the information you need on how to configure a product can be found here, however the minimum product settings should be:
      1. The Salesforce product is set to “Active”
      2. The product has “Stock Product” selected so it can be used as inventory on a Sales Order
      3. (OPTIONAL) You have selected “serialised” if you wish to track individual items and serial numbers of products dispatched.
    2. Your product has a Stock Balance record with adequate free quantity available to reserve stock against a product.
    3. You have created a Sales Order on the system.
    4. You have followed the Reserve Stock procedure against the Sales Order.

    Create A Dispatch Record

    To create a Dispatch record please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Sales Order you wish to dispatch the stock items for.
    2. Go to the related tab  Dispatch Information.
    3. Select New on the Dispatch Information related list.
    4. Select the Dispatch Date or leave as the default date of today.
    5. Leave the Status as Planned till you have picked all your items.
    6. Add a Dispatch Reference  if you wish, although this is not required.
    7. Leave the “Line Item” field blank as the system will complete this field automatically.

    Pack Items for a Dispatch Record.

    Now that you have created your Dispatch record, you are ready to pick and pack the items for dispatch.

    Follow these steps to pack your items:

    1. Select the Dispatch record you just created.
    2. Select the Pack button
    3. Either tick the “Pack all X items” field or enter the number of line items you wish pack from the warehouse locations shown.
    4. Select Save.
    5. Ensure you have completed step 2 to 4 for every line item in your Sales Order.

    Set Your Dispatch Status To Dispatched.

    When you have completed your pick and pack process you are ready to hand your dispatc to your courier.  To confirm the items have been dispatched you should change the status of your Dispatch record to “Dispatched”.

    Please follow these steps to mark your Dispatch record as complete”

    1. Select the Dispatch Information record on your Sales Order
    2. Select Edit on your Dispatch Record.
    3. Change the Status to Dispatched.
    4. Select Save.
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