How to generate and send a customer Statement

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    How To Send A Statement To A Customer from a Customer Account

    1. Go to the Account you wish to send a Statement to.
    2. In the top-right hand side of the account, click the Send Statement button
    3. Select either Activity or Outstanding, from the drop-down menu:
      • The Activity Statement will include all transactions linked to the customer account, including Sales Invoices and Customer Bank Receipts.
      • The Outstanding Statement will only include Sales Invoices that are Not Paid
    4. Select the Start Date and End Date, the statement will only include invoices between these dates.
    5. Select Refresh in order to generate the Statement.
    6. You can use the View PDF button, and Save PDF to Account button if you wish to keep a copy of the statement.
      • This is useful if you wish to print or send the Statement PDF in a different manner to your customer.
    7. You can then use the Send Email to send an email to the Billing Contact on the Account
    8. Select Back to return to the customer account screen.
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