Migrating Customer and Supplier Opening Balance for Debtors Control Account or Creditors Control Account.

Zumzum Financials Knowledge Base

    If migrating Sales and Purchase invoices into Zumzum Financials, would we still enter an opening balance for Debtors Control account or Creditors Control Account?

    If you are migrating unpaid Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices to Zumzum Financials to create opening balances for your customers and suppliers. Then enter the Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice manually, then post to the ledger


    Please manually enter Sales or Purchase invoices to Zumzum financials or use the bulk data loader tools.  Once inserted, please post the invoices to the ledger.

    If you are entering Sales Invoices, that are unpaid, Aged Debtors control account and customer balance are updated in Zumzum Financials

    If you are entering Purchase Invoices, that are unpaid, Aged Creditors control account and supplier balance are updated in Zumzum Financials.

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