Unallocate Bank Payment from Supplier Purchase Invoice

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    If you have allocated a Bank Supplier Payment to a purchase invoice and later need to remove the the payment allocation you may do this with the Unallocate Payment on the Bank Payment record.

    When you unallocate a Bank Supplier Payment from a purchase invoice, the Bank Supplier Payment is converted to a Bank Supplier Payment On Account. The following is true for unallocating a payment:

    • The original Bank Supplier Payment ledger records are updated to reflect they are modified from a Bank Supplier Payment to a Bank Supplier Payment On Account.
    • The Supplier account balance remains the same.
    • The Bank Account balance remains the same.
    • The Purchase Invoice paid and unpaid amounts are recalculated.
    • You will then be able to allocate the Bank Supplier Payment on Account to another transaction using the Allocate Credit Note Or Payment On Account to Invoices screen.

    Prerequisites for Unallocate Payment.

    The following conditions will be required to perform the Unallocate Payment action:

    • You should be using the Salesforce Lightning interface.
    • Your administrator should add the Unallocate Payment Quick Action to your Bank Payment page layout.
    • You will require the Zumzum Financials Administrator permission set or your own custom permissions.
    • Your Bank Payment record should not be before your Zumzum Financials Lock Date.

    The Unallocate Payment feature is limited to :

    • Bank Supplier Payments allocated to Purchase Invoices
    • All Bank Supplier Payment line allocations will be removed from all Purchase Invoices.

    Unallocate Bank Supplier Payment from Purchase Invoices.

    To pay a supplier invoice and allocate the payments to each purchase invoice line item, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Bank Payment record you wish to unallocate.
    2. Select the Unallocate Payment quick action
    3. A confirmation message is displayed that the Bank Payment has been unallocated.
    4. Review your Supplier Account balance, Bank Account balance and Purchase Invoice balances to ensure you are satisfied with the results.



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